Session 4 Notes
A busy nezumi is a happy nezumi

Happy Nezumi cleaning service – a busy Nezumi is a happy Nezumi. Tell your friends. The perfect front for checking into questionable locations and a chance to pick up some spare change.

Dui moment. Dancing shadow octopus of darkness doing an eight leggings shuffle while passing the hat.

Daiyu looks into the legal system.

Sun – seeked by the seekers.

A Reveler's Story

“Another rice wine? Don’t mind if I do! To the Emperor! Gambai!”

“You wouldn’t believe what I saw. You heard about the attack – everybody did, of course you did – well I was there. Not there-there, you understand, but near enough to see. There was an – an explosion, like from those fireworks, but close. Too close. Ears ringing still. Filled the whole street with ash and smoke and rock-dust, blew out the whole front of some shop along the Imperial Way, right before the Emperor – honor to him – would have been there. And then out they come, those bastards, all covered up like cowards, like always.”

“Hey there, you know, don’t let a friend’s cup go dry! There’s a man. Good man.”

“So out they come, and there she is, the Golden Bitch herself, slashing all about. You know…you know, it looked almost like she’s got a sword like the Emperor’s – long may he live – just like he’s got. Kinda golden-like when you see it flash in the sun. But hers god red soon enough, and worse, with whatever oni have for blood. But they turn things around quick, and off they run, leaving a bunch of mayhem and bodies behind them, like always.”

“You think that Prophet bitch knows what she’s doing? Heaven and earth, it’s all off kilter, everybody can see that. Just the thing the right Emperor is supposed to fix. Like in the old stories, about the gods and fairies and what-not. All the alchemists, and mandarins, and geomancers and fortune-tellers haven’t told us how to fix it. Maybe old stories’ll do. Maybe an Emperor. If the Bitch would just leave him be.”

“Wait there, buddy, my cup…ah there’s a friend. Good friend. A drink, to the Emperor!”

Session 3 Notes
To the South

Sun brought a Nina home. We doctored it up. We travel. Met up with some refugees from Ludin. They are fleeing famine blight and an 8 month summer. We learn about the arbiter from Daiyu. I PaMu tell my personal history with Lord fondue. Somehow we meet a lovesick administrator sheen who comes running out of the woods. He was bitten on ghe arm by something and is nuts. Maybe the chakora?

We fight a chakora and win and Shen provides a reference. He works for Lord Fang Di who is the chairman of the council of guilds…

Session 2 Notes

Our feet carry us southwest deeper into the middle kingdom. First an unimpressive cabbage farmer meets us on the road. Then Dui the escalator caused some challenges. We accosted a man riding a giant bird called a Suzuki. He is unconscious in the cart. His bird is dinner. Old iron stick rides on the ox. We don’t know why he is here.

Toda the yaksha is looking for us. He is a commander in the yellow army. We are in trouble for killing some soldier. It was an accident. They follow the book – the precepts of heaven. Daiyu realizes her name rhymes with the oxen. We tie the man – Gong to a tree. Sun why and Daiyu keep arguing politics.

Gou Jun's Death Poem

I am Dog-Eater
These are my lands, my mountains
I take what I want

Split skulls like melons
Drink from the skulls of my foes
All who know my name
Hear it shouted in death-throes
Fear it as they should

I am Dog-Eater
Fat and marrow on my tongue
And none can kill me.

Tai Guai's Story

While Sun’s getting me more rice wine, lemme tell you a story from a long, long time ago. You’ll like it, it has animals, and a happy ending.

Long time ago, all the animals were always fighting. So they got together and decided, we should have a king to tell us what to do. But they couldn’t agree who would be king, and they all fought about it for years and years.

After a while, they came down to just having five kings, and all the animals picked one or another to follow. There was Tu the Ox, Jin the Tiger, Shui the Snake, Mu the Monkey, and Huo the Cock. So now they had five kings, and they still fought all the time. Each of the kings made a sword to help them fight, and they made a throne so everyone knew they were the king, and of course, that didn’t help anything.

It made so much noise that the King of Heaven sent down a Dragon to see what the heck was going on. The Dragon came down and saw all the fighting and said, ‘You idiots! None of you are good at being king, but you’re all bad kings in different ways. Maybe we can figure something out. Tu the Ox, you’re always hungry, eat eat eat, and you only care about Oxes. Jin the Tiger, you’re cruel and strict. Shui the Snake, nobody likes you and you’re scary. Mu the Monkey, everything’s a competition with you all the time. And Huo the Cock, you’re always preening. What a cock!’

So then the animals got together with the Dragon and talked things out. They decided that it was probably best for each of them to be king just for a while, and then the next would be king. That way, nobody screwed things up too bad. Turns out, this worked pretty good. There was change, there was regularity. There was order, there was movement. Nobody ruined things too much at one time.

Session 1 Haikus

One among the dead
Yellow eyes look to the west
Refugees, and dust

Mo Jia gathering
Yellow Dragon Emperor?
Fear drives weary steps

At the stream crossing
The vanara’s tight embrace
Skull split, blood splash, “Ping!”

Sharp white teeth, hissing
Qilin panic and stampede
Vengeance of rodent

Abyssal words coil
In the shadow of treefall
Hatchet strikes her flesh

Return home once more
A merciful drink – decide.
Leaving in Lu’s hands

Now to adventure!
North and east, or south and west
Ironstick goes with you

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