Session 1 Haikus

One among the dead
Yellow eyes look to the west
Refugees, and dust

Mo Jia gathering
Yellow Dragon Emperor?
Fear drives weary steps

At the stream crossing
The vanara’s tight embrace
Skull split, blood splash, “Ping!”

Sharp white teeth, hissing
Qilin panic and stampede
Vengeance of rodent

Abyssal words coil
In the shadow of treefall
Hatchet strikes her flesh

Return home once more
A merciful drink – decide.
Leaving in Lu’s hands

Now to adventure!
North and east, or south and west
Ironstick goes with you


So, as a comment, so I don’t forget – as you guys get ready to leave New Harmony, Xien Go the herbalist comes to see you guys and gives you six small stoppered bottles. She explains what they are: two yang potions, two yin potions, and two potions of balance.

Yang potions can restore strength, or help with climbing or jumping.

Yin potions grant the ability to see in the dark, silence, or greater ability to swim.

Balance potions restore the balance of the body’s humors, restoring 2d4+2 hit points.

Session 1 Haikus
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