Highseeker Hidaka

Hidaka is the leader of the Seekers in the Middle Kingdom


Hidaka is a Yamata man who has fully adapted to life in the Middle Kingdom. He came as an evangelist of the Seeker faith years ago, and has since become the leading figure among the Lifeseekers. He is a powerful orator who can speak extemporaneously on many topics, and is also a skilled alchemist, as all Lifeseeker leaders must be.

There are widespread claims that he is able to perform miracles like the priests of old, before the gods left the world. It is hard to tell the difference between miracles and magic, however, or even simple charlatanism. But he claims that he has miraculous powers, gained in his quest for immortality.

In recent months, Highseeker Hidaka has been invited to visit with the new Emperor, or at least, to visit the refurbished palace in the city center.


Highseeker Hidaka

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