Dragonblade! Cheat Sheet

DC 10 Intelligence checks if you forget.

Races and Species

Garuda: half-bird, half-warrior, with colorful plumage instead of hair
Half-Oni: invariably the offspring of violence, they combine mortal and demonic traits
Koropokuru: small and skilled in hiding, with pointed ears and violet skin
Kumiho: shapechangers and tricksters, who have a ren-form and a fox-form
Naga: humanoids that can take the form of huge serpents, widely mistrusted and of an ancient civilization
Nezumi: rat-kin who live in the shadows of ren society, tough and resilient
Ren: humans, in this case, all south or east Asian phenotypes
Tengu: cousins to the garuda, avians with dark raven feathers, masters of the sword
Vanara: strong, capricious monkey-folk
Yaksha and Yashini: yaksha are male and yashini female – yaksha are thought by most to be ugly, while yashini are generally regarded as beautiful by ren standards. Both have green, blue or yellow skin and sharp teeth.

Unfamiliar Animals

Aurochs: big, archaic oxen; also used to describe water buffalo
Elasmotherium: sort of a prehistoric unicorn
Giant Sloth
Nian: huge crosses of hunting cats and bears, fearsome and used in war
Qilin: giraffe-like with thicker necks, used to pull heavy loads or as devastating mounts for archers (sivatherium)
Stegodon: a prehistoric elephant with enormous tusks and small ears; a bit like an Oliphaunt
Suzaku-bird: terror-birds used as fast, vicious mounts


Chakora: a bird-like creature, said to be able to ensorcel with a bite – bit by the chakora is like being struck by Cupid’s arrow
Dragons: can look a bit like huge tigers, phoenixes, turtles, sea monsters, or long traditional dragons with coiled bodies and lions’ manes. Dragons are mythological creatures based on the bones of huge, extinct animals
Hungry Ghost: neglected ancestors driven by blind hunger and wrath
Oni: hideous, terrifying demons, twisted by corruption and imbalance


Dandaka Forest: to the south, a vast forest that is home to the vanara, who live in their enormous trees
Mount Sumeru: a huge mountain somewhere in the highlands of Dandaka Forest, thought by some to be sacred; home of the garuda
The Malaku Islands: a combination of Malaysia and Indonesia
The Middle Kingdom: basically medieval China; where the characters live
The Riverlands: kind of like medieval India
The Shogunate: a combination of medieval Japan and medieval Korea
Tengudo: a hidden land in the lands of the Shogunate, home of the tengu

Dragonblade! Cheat Sheet

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