Most equipment described in the PHB has an Asiatic counterpart. A glaive is a naginata; a rapier is a straightsword; a longsword is a dao; etc. A few things are unique.

One is that the Middle Kingdom, and by extension the Shogunate, have been experimenting with gunpowder weapons. Grenades, landmines, “dragon lances” and so on might be encountered in any pitched battle. I am taking the early gunpowder rules from the DMG and adapting them slightly. The weapons themselves are rare enough, being experimental, that they cannot be purchased through normal means.

In the Equipment section are listed a few riding animals. If a PC ends up with one then I can provide specific D&D stats, but generally speaking, a Qilin is twice as expensive as a draft or riding horse in the PHB, a Suzaku-bird is twice as expensive as a warhorse in the PHB and is similarly trained for battle, and a Nian is three times as expensive as a warhorse in the PHB. For slow overland travel or field work, the aurochs or water buffalo is used, and these will usually be the animals pulling carts and small carriages.

Weapons not found in the PHB and unique to the setting include the chokonu, a repeating crossbow; the chakram, a sharpened throwing-disk; the chain-dart, chain-hammer and chain-sickle; the hook spear and hooked swords or twin hooks; the punch dagger or katar; and the horse longbow or kyu. I’ll have stats and prices for each of these if you’re interested, and you will run into them in the world.

For equipment, we’ll be using the sample equipment packs listed in the PHB – i.e. the choose one of two, then one of two, then one of two for each class. After that, we may or may not track specific coinage (which in the Middle Kingdom is standardized as jade, mixed with older bronze coins and new steel ones).

Common Magic Items

Balance Potion: 2d4+2 hit points
Yang Potion: bonus to climbing, restore 1d4 levels of exhaustion, or bonus to jumping
Yin Potion: darkvision for an hour, bonus to stealth, or bonus to swimming


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