five elements


In Chinese Daoism there is the concept of five elements, generally translated as: wood (blue-green), fire (red), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (black). These five elements create one another and also overcome one another, and these relationships will play in to how I design monsters and puzzles and the world overall. Basically, we’re assuming that this view of the cosmos is basically true. This can get confusing, so think of five colors of energy rather than five elements, since “wood” has to do with much more than wood, and also because the associations between element and something in the world (i.e. death) will not be obvious to non-Daoists like us.

Wood gives rise to fire, fire gives rise to earth, earth gives rise to metal, metal gives rise to water, water gives rise to wood.

Metal cuts wood, water extinguishes fire, wood breaks earth, fire burns wood, earth divides water.

Wood is associated with thunder and force damage, fire is associated with fire damage, earth is associated with acid and poison damage, metal is associated with lightening damage, water is associated with cold damage.

Yin is associated with radiant damage, and yin is associated with necrotic damage.

Wood/Green: resistant to/deals thunder and force, vulnerable to lightening
Fire/Red: resistant to/deals fire, vulnerable to cold
Yellow/Earth: resistant to/deals acid and poison, vulnerable to thunder and force
White/Metal: resistant to/deals lightening, vulnerable to fire
Black/Water: resistant to/deals cold, vulnerable to acid and poison

If you want to really get into it…

five elements

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