Obviously, this is a mash-up setting that is rife with potential monsters. These you will enjoy discovering in play I’m sure, but there are a few things to keep in mind as working assumptions.

People can become monsters.
While many monsters are simply manifestations of natural forces, many others come from human beings – either from their misbehavior, or their crimes, or their neglect of what is right and appropriate. Demons come from one of the many Hells, as well as from the worst human beings. Hungry ghosts could just be neglected grandpas, but still do great harm.

Monsters can become people.
Monsters can potentially be redeemed and restored to a state of harmony. This is obviously tremendously difficult, but there are many stories of rampaging demons quieted by a virtuous priest, or who were simply people who had forgotten themselves and fallen into imbalance.

It may not be about good and evil.
Good is still good and evil is still evil, but monsters often come out of imbalance. That being said, most evil acts are done in a state of imbalance, but so are many good acts. Harmony with one’s self, one’s relations, and one’s society is the goal of life, so to speak, for the average person. The farther you fall into disharmony, the more monstrous you become.

Friends you’ll get to meet: rakshasa, tsuchigumo, tennin and tenyo, yosei, yaksha, yashini, kappa, samebito, naga, oni, makara, yurei, hungry ghosts, vatala, shiryo, rokurokubi, pischacha – it’ll be fun, I promise.

DC 10 Intelligence Check (common knowledge)
Oni, hungry ghost, chakora, yaksha, yashini, naga

DC 15 Intelligence Check (rare knowledge)
Rakshasa, tsuchigumo, preta, yosei, kappa

DC 20 Intelligence Check (specialist knowledge)
Pischacha, vetala, specific types of yosei, navagunjara, sarama, kinoko-kozu

The Monstrous Monster List

Airavata, Almasty, Baize, Bake-kujira, Baku, Bifeng, Chakora, Death-worm, Dokkaebi, Enenra, Farasi Bahari, Heikegani, Hou (the Lion), Hundun, Hungry Ghost, Ittan-momen, Kappa, Konak-jiji, Makiling, Makara, Makura-gaeshi, Manananggal, Mokumokuren, Namahage, Navagunjara, Nuppepo, Nue, Penanggalan, Phaya Naga, Pishchacha, Pixiu, Preta, Raiju, Rakshasa, Rokurokubi, Samebito, Sarama, Shesha naag, Shiryo, Shojo, Taotie, Tennin/Tennyo (Kinnara/Kinnari), Terracotta warrior, Tianlu/Pixia, Tikbalang, Tsuchigumo, Tsukumogami, Vetala, Xiezhi, Xing tian, Yosei, Yurei


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