New Harmony

Local People

Commander Toda is now in control of New Harmony, having negotiated a tense agreement with Constable Lu.
Shu Lao and his only daughter, Shu Gui Nu, operate the Mo Jia Tea House.
Gammer Lu is the headmistress of the town’s ancient school, and her husband Gaffer Lu is the eldest of the fishermen on Cormorant Lake.
Tai Guai, or Old Ironstick, is the town drunk.
Xien Go, or Miss Go, is the local herbalist and apothecary.
Ping is enormous. His older sister, Wai Le, is large in her own right.

Local Places

The Armory
Dui’s Cabbage Farm
The Constabulary that also serves as Constable Lu’s home
Mo Jia Tea House
The Abandoned Temple of a forgotten god, or gods
The Cemetery where ashes of the ancestors are kept, and honored

New Harmony

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