Old Gods

Most people in the world believe in some for of reincarnation, whether the point is to transcend that cycle, or move along it toward godhood, etc. Most also believe that there are multiple primary worlds, and in each of those worlds, souls can be born or manifested when reincarnated. Broadly understood, there are six such realms: the mortal realm, the heaven of the lesser gods, the heaven of the high gods, the hungry ghost realm, the hot and cold hells, and the animal realm.

Old Gods of the Middle Kingdom

Tian, the Jade King or the King of Heaven
Amita, goddess of compassion
Mazu, goddess of protection and the sea
Old Lady Dream, or Grandmother Dream, who brings forgetfulness and reincarnation
The Arbiter, judge of souls and the hour of death
In the Imperial Cult, kings and emperors are worshipped as uniting heaven and earth, and deceased emperors are worshipped as deities in their own right

Old Gods of the Shogunate

Amaretsu, the sun goddess who first raised land from the sea
Fujin the wind god, who was the first of the gods
Hachiman the protector
Inari, goddess of rice, fertility, and foxes
Izanami the goddess of the underworld
Tenjin, god of scholarship
Tsuku the cruel moon god, enemy of Amaretsu
Susano the trickster

Deities of the non-Yamata tribes

Jeju, king of the underworld (version of the Arbiter)
Jeongja, Jeju’s king and ruler of the living world
Daesoon the moon god
Haesik the sun goddess
Yongwang the sea dragon
Gashin the god of the hearth
Ebshin, the goddess of wealth and prosperity

Old Gods of the Riverlands

Anat, the Void
Nadabram, the Unsounded Sound
The Creator, Preserver and Destroyer; the Trinity; gods of many names, the incarna
Shakti, goddess of beauty and art
Mara, a goddess, or possibly demon, and patron of seduction and illusion

Old Gods

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