Game rules for each race

(There are many other intelligent species and creatures, but these are the ones you can choose as player-characters)

Garuda (rare) are tall, powerful, beautiful and bird-like. They are a warlike people, sworn to defend the sacred Mount Sumeru for reasons they have never shared. Garuda have a reputation for being cold and decisive, and their dislike for the naga is well-known. The two peoples have warred bitterly many times in the past. Garuda have feathers rather than hair, and some have long enough arm-feathers that they can glide short distances.

Half-Oni (uncommon) are the cursed offspring of an oni and, usually, one of the ren. Often assumed to be sinister, half-oni inherit supernatural abilities from their demonic parentage, and have trouble passing as normal ren most of the time. They come in five broad varieties – white, black, red, yellow and green.

Koropokuru (uncommon) are small, generous, and elusive humanoids. They live in small villages built to blend perfectly with their natural surroundings, and have a talent and predilection for herbalism. Koropokuru are drawn into adventures through their close friends or their curiosity.

Kumiho/Kitsune (uncommon) are shapechangers – no one knows if they are foxes who turn into ren, or ren who turn into foxes. Either way, “foxy” and “fox-faced” are complements on one’s appearance because of the kumiho, who are widely known to be libertines. Some kumiho cannot take their clothing with them when they change into fox-form, and the periodic appearance of naked kumiho in towns and villages only adds to their reputation.

Naga (very rarely seen) are seen as an ancient and long-lived race, but much about their past and civilization is secret. They are said to live among forgotten, half-drowned ruins in a distant land. Naga are another species of shapechanger, able to take a humand form, a hybrid form with a serpent’s lower body, and the form of a huge sea-serpent. In both hybrid and serpent form, they can breathe water and are powerful swimmers. Even in humanoid form, they often have scales on their skin and they retain the slitted pupils of a viper.

Nezumi (common) live everywhere there is a town or city, and in some villages. They are highly urban, part rodent and part ren, intelligent and resourceful and tough. If they had a homeland, it is long lost or forgotten, even to them. They spend their short lives trying to get ahead, and they are known for their ability to eat many things that would sicken another species.

Ren (common) is the name for human beings in the setting. Phenotypically, most ren appear similar to Han Chinese, though there are ren in every climate and land.

Tengu (rare) are thought to be estranged cousins of the garuda, as they are also avian humanoids. Tengu feathers are black rather than colorful, though, and their features sharper. Like garuda, tengu are famed warriors, but where garuda are blunt tengu tend to be tricksters, not above cheating to gain an advantage in a fight. Tengu are also masters of language, and value poetry very highly.

Vanara (uncommon) dwell in Dandaka Forest, as well as a few other places in the world where their skills or curiosity takes them. Vanara are monkey-like humanoids with long arms, short legs, a prehensile tail and toes that can grip objects, though not as well as their hands. They are shorter than the average ren, but they have surprising simian strength. They tend to be playful, blunt, loyal and brave, but they lack the discipline to form any army of their own.

Yaksha (common) are the same species as yashini, but the two are highly dimorphic. Yaksha tend to be unappealing to ren, with yellowish or greenish skin, heavy features and harsh temperaments. Those Yaksha who make it to middle age tend to fatten as well. They often work as bodyguards, thugs and soldiers, and do well in those professions.

Yashini (common) are widely regarded as desirable, especially by kumiho and ren standards, but they are generally only attracted to yaksha. They are not at all above leveraging their reputation and appearance when they can, of course, and some yashini even become prostitutes or courtesans.


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