The Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is an ancient name for China, and in this setting the Middle Kingdom is derived from medieval China. As the game begins, the Middle Kingdom is not properly a kingdom anymore at all. It is a collection of city-states and towns and villages that all identify as parts of the Middle Kingdom, though some have not acknowledged a king for generations.

In-game, the majority people of the Middle Kingdom are known as the Han.

Generations ago, the Middle Kingdom knew a golden age. Their culture spread throughout the known world. In the north, the Yamata people organized under a Shogun and rebelled, winning their freedom and swiftly growing into an empire, named for the Ishita family that ruled at the time. The Ishita Empire combined Middle Kingdom cultural achievements with their own technology and conquered the Middle Kingdom and most other known lands.

City and Place Names

The Han are a rational people, so the major city in a province shares the province’s name. I.e. Northern Capital in Northern Capital Province.

Each Province has a Provincial Governor aided by a council of Mandarins and supported by a significant bureaucracy. For now, the Provincial Governor usually rules the province’s largest city as well.

In ancient times, all Imperial officials were eunuchs, though this has not been a common practice for a long time. In the past, many of the top mandarins were also eunuchs.


Northern Capital (Beijing)
Imperial City
Lucky Forest (Jilin)
Heaven’s Landing (Tianjin)


Southern Capital (Nanjing)
Sea Watch (Shanghai)
Wide City (Guangzhou, Canton)
Black Dragon River Province (Heilongjiang)
Blue Sea (Qinghai)
Southern Cloud (Yunnang)


New Frontier (Xinjiang)
Winding River (Zhejiang)
Peaceful Summer (Ningxia)

The Middle Kingdom

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