In the northern part of the Middle Kingdom, the most common currency is a copper coin with a square hole stamped in the center. They are often strung together, since individual coins are not worth very much. Silver and gold ingots are also in circulation (one silver ingot = 10 silver pieces, one gold ingot = 10 gold pieces). Throughout the Middle Kingdom, and the known world, jade is a highly valued gemstone. Green is most valuable, followed by lavender, then red, then yellow, then white, and finally “black jade”, which is not actually jade (or so alchemists say) but is still used in inexpensive jewelry.

From ancient times, bronze coins are sometimes unearthed. Once the tarnish is cleaned off, they can be traded as art or historical pieces, but no longer have an official cash value. They often come in the shape of a small dagger or a small spade.

In out of the way places, shell currency is still accepted. Shells, like copper coins, are strung together in groups.

In the southern part of the Middle Kingdom, iron currency is more common, with iron ingots being in circulation.

Most places, though, will accept the copper currency of the Middle Kingdom. At a time, it was near-universal. Iron, silver and gold have their own value, whether they are official currency or not.

Uncommon Magic Items

Dragon’s Teeth:
Flash Bomb:
Green Dragon Crescent Blade:
Smoke Bomb:
Ring of Jumping:
Ring of Water Walking:


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